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Our Story

Who we are

Gabriel Cristea
Forest Engineer

Gabriel is a young entrepreneur in the field of Landscaping. He is passionate about creating both functional and beautiful outdoor spaces.

Mihail Cristea
Forest Engineer

Mihail has over 30 years of experience in setting up and managing the forestry fund. He treasures nature and uses his skills to protect it.

Mariana Cristea
Forest Engineer

With more than 30 years of experience in forest management, Mariana is actively involved in planting and managing the MyOwnTree forests.

Bogdan Tinteanu
Software Engineer

Extremely passionate about environment and sustainability, Bogdan is managing the software infrastructure of MyOwnTree.org platform.

Alexandra Stef
Community Builder

Convinced of the power that people with a shared vision have to make change happen, Alexandra helps grow a connected global community of tree parents.

Monica Tinteanu
Attorney at Law

With experience in international law, Monica is managing legal aspects of the fundraising campaigns and MyOwnTree NGO operations.

Diana Nanciu
Marketing Coordinator

Diana blends her passion for nature with her experience in communication, managing the online presence of MyOwnTree.

Our story

MyOwnTree is a non-profit organization that aims to inspire people all over the globe to actively engage in the fight against climate change by supporting tree planting.

Our organisation aspires to bring people and trees closer through an online platform that can help us restore forest landscapes.

We believe that planting a tree is a small but noble gesture you can do for yourself, for the generations to come and for the planet itself. Along with our global greening struggle, we endeavour to build a community where everyone is enthusiastic about planting roots for a better future. As our community grows, trees grow too.

Forests provide shelter to all manner of wildlife, reduce air pollution, prevent soil erosion, purify and cool the air, recycle and conserve the water, and consume the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere by people. And, most importantly, trees have the power to combat climate change, the biggest threat to our planet.

Now, with humans interference and the abusive deforestation, our planet cannot breathe anymore.

What can you do?

You can reduce your carbon footprint and sow the seeds of new forests by simply planting trees. How? We are not asking you to buy a tree, we urge you to adopt one. We will plant them for you and properly take care of them.

Our platform is open to everyone, from individuals and community groups to corporations.
You can plant trees for you and your family, offer them as gifts to the loved ones, but also keep alive the memory of a person that has passed away.

Our Smart Carbon Calculator will help you measure your own carbon footprint and reduce your impact on our climate by indicating the optimal number of trees you should adopt.

More than that, MyOwnTree offers you the opportunity to return 2% of your contribution to sustainable projects from Bio Producers, Green Projects or Environment Projects.


What are you getting in return?

Once you adopt a tree, you become an active member of MyOwnTree NGO. By accessing your account, you can view and monitor your trees in real time on Google Maps. If you offer a tree, the beneficiaries will have access to an account and will be able to enjoy the gift anytime they want.

The forest planted by our organisation cannot and will be never exploited, as you have full rights over your trees. If you want, you can take part in the tree planting campaigns, visit the trees anytime you wish and even request extra care.

Trees are simply amazing. Although they are grounded, they still try to reach the sun.

Let’s not take all that nature offers us for granted. Let’s plant trees, protect forests and fight climate change. Our ultimate goal? To coexist in harmony with nature!


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